Our Services

The most modern digital X-ray-diagnostic system

Personal treatment plan and professional consultancy, preparing bid

  • Flexible appointments.
  • Treating acute cases at once!
  • Free control examinations.
  • 2-5 years guarantee!
  • We have contacted with several health services

Pain-free professional oral hygiene treatment, ultrasonic plaque removal

Aesthetic dentistry

  • Ceramic shell for restoring front teeth, personal shape and colour correction can be chosen.
  • Preparing aesthetically perfect and durable inlays using the most modern materials of 3M.
  • Porcelain, fibreglass-plastic, gold and gold-ceramic inlays, crowns and bridges.
  • Circonium (metal free) crowns and bridges with porcelain cover.
  • Dental technology: www.tdental.hu

Endodontia-fang treatment

Family and maternity dentistry

  • Free control examination and treatment plan for the whole family.
  • We offer extra discounts for families.
  • We provide a playroom full of toys for the children to enjoy their time while their parents have treatments.

Oral surgery and fang implants

  • Wisdom tooth or other complicated tooth extractions with the least pain possible!
  • Preparing prosthesis operations with bone prosthesis as requested.
  • With well-prepared and surgically implanted artificial plants, instead of removable prosthesis, a perfect fixed prosthesis can be prepared!
  • Implementation operations for dental implants, planning implant tooth prosthesis.
  • www.dentisystem.hu
  • With special operations, loosen teeth can be fixed in order to increase their life-span.

Parodontology, tooth bed diseases

  • With our professional mouth hygienic treatment gingivitis, pyorrhoea, tooth bed athropy and foul breath can be avoided.
  • Formation of loosen teeth can be decreased or eliminated by surgical treatment increasing teeth lifecycle.
  • Filling gum bags with bone supplement materials.
  • Plastic surgery around atrophied gum.
  • Special implants for tooth bed patients.

Tooth whitening

  • A ZOOM is a professional tooth whitening system that makes your smile bright safely and effectively due to special materials and light!! Visible results after even 15 minutes! video
  • Hydrogen-peroxide is clinically proven to be the safest tooth whitening material.

Tooth jewels